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I am Dottie Conboy, Owner/Operator of White Wings Dove Releases in Wichita.  â€‹After my mother's death, I flew her back to her final resting place in Phoenix, Arizona.  While in the mortuary there, I noticed several brochures advertising dove releases at graveside services.  I was intrigued and contacted one of the local businesses and decided to have a release.

My mother's two older sisters (mom was 88 at the time of her passing) and many of her friends from her church were in attendance.  We released one dove at a time representing each of her daughters and her grandchildren and then released a number of birds as a flock.  The sound of the dove's wings amongst the silence that was present and the beauty of the magnificent birds as they flocked together and circled, left me breathless. It was a truly amazing experience and having experienced it first hand, I can express to those who wish to have a release, the wonderment of it.

I soon made the decision that I wanted to be part of the Dove Release world.  These creatures are more than a business to me, they are a passion.  The care and training of these magnificent animals has taught me many things, mostly, what a privilege it is to be a trainer.  Please let me and my husband share with you the peace and pleasure that a dove release can bring to your event.