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"Oh, that i had wings like a dove.  for then I would fly away and have eternal rest."

Psalm 55: 6

Memorial Services:

​The most common funeral or memorial release is known as a "Trinity Release".  At the grave site, usually after the final prayer, three doves are released from a decorative basket.  These doves represent the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  As the Holy Trinity circles above, a single dove is released representing the soul of the departed.  This dove is usually released by a spouse or family member from a smaller decorative basket.  The "soul" dove will usually join the Trinity doves before the four fly off together.  Trinity releases are truly a moving experience.  Additional doves can be released at this time to honor the souls of loved ones previously departed or a number of doves can be released to represent angels escorting the Trinity doves and the Soul dove off to the afterlife.

We will work with your funeral director and Minister or Priest to provide an experience that is dignified and spiritually appropriate.