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The safety of our birds is our utmost concern.  They will not be released in inclement weather.  Our doves do not fly at night and they therefore must be released early enough in the day to allow them to return home before sundown.   Here they are shown lounging on their loft roof.  

Payment for any release cancelled by weather will be fully refunded with the exception of excess mileage fees.

All of the birds we are currently using for releases were born and raised in our loft. We do not sell birds except to other trainers/fanciers and we will not ship out birds for self release.

Please note that these are Rock Doves that are capable of flying many miles. There are many types of doves.  A beautiful, but much smaller type of white dove known as a "Ring Neck Dove" is sometimes sold by unscrupulous people for funeral or wedding releases.  These smaller doves are suitable for display only.  They are not capable of flying distances, they are not capable of, or trained to return home and they will certainly die if released into the wild.  Birds purchased on the internet for self release are probably Ring Neck Doves.  Please deal only with a reputable Dove Release Company.  We will be glad to help you find a Dove Release Professional in your area.